Concession Equipment and Supplies

Air Dancers
Air Dancers

Wacky wild inflatable tube men will get your business, promotion or event noticed.
Rental: $99 each

Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy

Just choose your favorite flavors and how many bags you want to make up.

Choices are: Boo Berry (raspberry),  Cherryberry, Bubble Gum (pink), Spookie Fruitie (purple), Silly Nilly (pink vanilla), Leapin Lime, Sassy Apple, Birthday Cake

Order your cotton candy already made.

Do you know what is in cotton candy? Believe it or not there is only 2 teaspoons of sugar in one serving of cotton candy. The rest is just flavor and a lot of hot air. There is no fat and only 96 calories. We can make the color to match your event. We have customers that add cotton candy to alcoholic drinks. Have fun.

Hotdog Steamer & Bun Warmer
Hotdog Steamer & Bun Warmer

Accommodates any size hotdog and bun. Holds up to 200 hotdog's & 42 buns.

Rental is $75.00. Hot dog paper tray's are also available.

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An all time favorite for everyone. You can't beat freshly popped popcorn. 

Bag of popcorn
2lbs Pre-popped  Popcorn
Butter flavored, coconut oil, flavored salt, only 160 calories an ounce. Gluten free, non GMO, high fiber, cholesterol free, no preservatives, just fill a bowl, bag, box or cup. Freshly made.

Popcorn Box
2.5 oz Popcorn Box

Best popcorn ever, same great taste, can close up top and they are stackable in red and white striped boxes. Freshly made. Must order 10.

confetti popcornConfetti Popcorn in 5 oz Containers
Made with the best seed in the industry, high quality oil, five flavors of corn treat mixes. It has blue raspberry, strawberry, banana, orange and grape. Kids love the great colors and flavor also. $6.00 a container.

Sno Kone Machine
Sno Kone Machine

Nothings better on a hot day than an ice sno kone. We have all the supplies. Pour spouts and dust covers available. Rental is $65.00 ($55 if in combination with a bounce house)

Adult operation.

Flavors available: Cherry, Blue raspberry, Bubble Gum, Strawberry, Lemon-lime, Spooky Fruity Grape, Orange

sno kones