Tooney-Looney Rentals LLC is family owned and operated out of Skowhegan, Maine. We are fully insured. We offer bounce houses, waterslides, dunk tanks, yard signs, sno kone machines and ice chests for rent. We have a variety of items to make your special occasion much more fun. These items are great for birthday parties, family gatherings, company picnics or just for fun.

We are open seven days a week from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. We cover most areas. We deliver, setup and pickup. If you reside more than 20 miles away from Skowhegan, call for a quote. Call (207) 858-0811 or email now to reserve any of these items for your special function.

Don't forget winters can be jumping fun too. We deliver year round - school gyms, churches, community centers, etc. Give me a call for your reservation.

Took two safety courses. Trained staff is available and highly recommended for large events. All school and town functions must have a trained attendant. Call for details.

Bounce Houses

We offer a variety of bounce houses for rent. All are 15' X 15' or larger. All bounce houses are lead free. We thoroughly inspect, clean and sanitize each inflatable after every rental. State Inspected. Must be at least 3 years of age.

Age Groups for Inflatable's

3-8 years
9-13 years
14-17 years

Click here to view our Rental Rules

New this year wet package deal.

Something for every age group.

You also can order these separate:

Rental is $300 ~ Backyard parties only
Dunk Tank
Dunk Tank: Teens & Adults
Lil Kahuna
Lil Kahuna: ages 3 - 7
Snow Kones
Sno Kone machine: for everyone
Comes w/ 50 cones & 2 flavors (your choice)


Large Frozen 5 in 1 Combo

The jumping area offers a basketball hoop, log and pop-up obstacles, bounce castle has a climb feature and a slide, for hours of fun. A clear view with mesh sides.
Size: 21' L X 19' W X 15' H. Space Required: 30' X 30'. Rental is $260.00.

3D Image is courtesy of Ninja Jump.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Jump

From their home in the storm sewer of New York City, they battle petty criminals.
Size: 16' 1/2" L X 15' 4" W X 13' H. Space Required: 20' X 20'. Rental is $160.00.

Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtleNinja

The Large Frozen Jump

Call ahead and set up a date for your jump.

Everyone has been waiting for this. Here it is!
Size: 19' L X 16' W X 15' H. Space required: 21' L X 18' W X 17' H. Rental is $160.00.

The Large Frozen Jump SnowflakeSnowflake

Mickey Park Jump

Call ahead and set up a date for your jump.

Check out Mickey, Donald and Pluto all having fun with Mini and Daisy.
Size: 16' 4" L X 15' 4" W X 12' 8" H. Space required: 20X20. Rental is $150.00.

Mickey Jump ParkMickey Mouse

Tinker Bell

Call ahead and set up a date for your jump.

Tinker Bell is spreading some enchantment throughout her flower filled Pixie Land and urging everyone to believe in magic with a little pixie dust to your next festival.
Size: 16' 4" L X 15' 4" W X 12' 8" H. Space required: 20' X 20'. Rental is $150.00.

Tinker BellTinkerbell


Batman is a favorite for all kids. Let's jump and have fun.
Size: 16' 4" L X 15' 4" W X 12' 8" H. Space Required 20' X 20'. Rental is $150.00.



The Haunted Maze

Do not be afraid! Enter if you dare! Order your scary house for your next party.
Rental is $260.00.

Also have for your event purple or orange cotton candy $10.00 off machine with Maze.

Haunted Maze Haunted Maze


Reserve your Halloween Bounce House now while it is still available.

How about some orange cotton candy to go with this pumpkin treat. Size: 14' 6" H. Space Required 20' X 20'. Rental is $185.00.

Pumpkin bounce house
Orange Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Counter Tray.
Rental is $12.00.


I Tawt I Taw a Putty Tat, I did, I did. If you see one, jump in the cage. Size: 21' H X 15' D. Space Required 20' X 20'. Rental is $150.00.

Tweety Bird Tweety

Strawberry Shortcake

Who sleeps all night in a cake made of strawberries? Strawberry Shortcake wouldn't you know. Size: 16' 4" L X 15' 4" W X 12' 8" H. Space Required 20' X 20'. Rental is $150.00.

Strawberry Shortcake Bounce House


Your little princess can bounce in this amazing and dazzling princess house. Jump with the princesses Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine and Belle.
Size: 16' 4" L X 15' 4" W X 12' 8" H. Space Required 20' X 20'. Rental is $150.00.

Sleeping BeautyPrincess Bounce House


Who wouldn't want to jump in this big cake? Yummy! Size: 14' 6" H X 15' 6" D. Space Required 20' X 20'. Rental is $150.00.

Cake Bounce House

Pirates of the Caribbean

What swash buckling affair would be complete without the thrills of Jack Sparrow and his Sea faring side bucks. Size: 16' 4" L X 15' 4" W X 12' 8" H. Space Required: 20' X 20'. Rental is $150.00.

Pirates of the Caribbean Bounce House Pirate


Faster than the speed of light, try this guy out for fun. Size: 16' 4" L X 15' 4" W X 12' 8" H. Space Required 20' X 20'. Rental is $150.00.

SupermanSuperman Bounce House

Sponge Bob

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Everyone's favorite Sponge - Sponge Bob Square pants. Are you ready kids? Join Sponge Bob and the gang for a jumping good time.
Size: 16' 4" L X 15' 4" W X 12' 8" H. Space Required 20' X 20'. Rental is $150.00.

Sponge Bob Bounce HouseSponge Bob

Water Items

Lil Kahuna

This slide is great for smaller children ages 2 - 7. One slide with pool at the end. Size: 18' 10" L X 9' 6" W X 11' 10" H. Space required: 22' X 15'. Rental is $160.00.

Lil Kahuna

The Marlin Splash Slide

The Marlin Splash inflatable slide, wet or dry, duel slides, each with their own rock climbing. Kids can climb up one side and slide down, make a right and start the process all over again. One slide is smooth, the second slide offers bumpy action all the way down. Size: 50' L X 18' W X 18' H. Space required 55' X 20'. Rental is $425.00. *Children 4 and under not permitted on large slides without an adult.

The Marlin Splash Slide

Dolphin Bay Splash

This wet/dry slide will add enjoyment and excitement for the whole family inside or out. Size: 36' 6" L X 15' 6" W X 19' H. Space required 40' X 20'. Rental is $350.00. *Children 4 and under not permitted on large slides without an adult.

Dolphin Bay Splash

Dunk Tank

Scream with excitement as your friends, co-workers and family members get dunked. It never fails to put a smile on everyone's face. Kid's absolutely love it. Can use plastic balls in the winter and can be used inside. Rental is $140.00.

Dunk Tank

Children's Games

Under The Knife

Comes with table, tweezers and 15 pieces. This item is electric. 6 feet long. Rental is $50.00.

Great fun for kids and adults!

It talks to you while you operate!

Under The Knife

We offer a wide variety of games to keep the kids entertained.


Bean Bag Toss (large)
Can toss 3 balls
Horse Shoes
Sack race (4)
Tug of War
Wood and Ring Toss

Cornhole Game

A lot of fun for couples or teams. Comes with 8 corn bags and instructions. Rental is $35.00.

Cornhole Game

Yard Signs

Party Clown

Help your guest find the party with this cute clown pointing in the right direction. Comes with four balloons. Rental is $45.00.

Party Clown


It's a boy or it's a girl sign. What a better way to welcome home the new baby. Comes with either four pink or blue balloons. Rental is $45.00.


Tables, chairs and tents

10X10 Canopy, Customer puts up

Fits: 1-3 6' Tables, Seats: 18-24 people.

Great for placing food for weddings or birthday parties, crafts, ect.

Rental: $65.00 Sidewalls: $10.00 each.

Table Table Table
Tables Chairs Tent
6 foot
4 foot


4' table is adjustable and is great for children's parties.
Children Chairs

Carnival Booth

Three sided booth with steel frame, vinyl sides and valance. Great for games and concessions.

Rental: $125.00

Carnval Booth


Chocolate Fountain

FOR SALE - call for details

Holds approximately 2 lbs of chocolate.

Rental is $45.00. 3 Level auger style.

Chocolate fountain

Confetti Popcorn

Best popcorn ever. Five flavors:

5.5 oz container: Cost: $5.00 (includes tax)

Confetti Popcorn

Cotton Candy Machine

Easy to use and is as much fun to make as it is to eat. Just choose your favorite flavors. Choices are:

  • Boo Berry (raspberry)
  • Cherryberry
  • Bubble Gum (pink)
  • Orange
  • Spookie Fruitie (purple)
  • Strawberry
  • Silly Nilly (pink vanilla)
  • Wacky Watermelon
  • Lime (NEW)
  • Choc-O-Floss or (NEW)
  • Rasberry Sour (NEW)



Rental is $60.00 ($50.00 with bounce house rental). Includes machine, 50 cones, and 1 floss flavor of your choice. Extra cones and floss available.

Order your cotton candy in-a-bag.

Must order at least 16 bags, pink or blue.

Cotton Candy Machine
Cotton Candy Tray

Cotton Candy Counter Tray. Rental is $12.00.

Holds 8 cones.

Hawking Pole

Lightweight and ideal for stadiums or arenas etc. This 5' tall pole holds up to 18 cotton candy bags. Stand does come off so you can walk around with the pole.

Rental is $55.00.

Hawking PoleHawking Pole with Candy

Hotdog Steamer & Bun Warmer

Accommodates any size hotdog and bun. Holds up to 200 hotdog's & 42 buns.

Rental is $45.00. Hot dog paper tray's are also available.

Hot dog machine

Sno Kone Machine

Nothings better on a hot day than an ice sno kone. we have all the supplies. It includes a dipper and 2 flavors of your choice and 50 cones. Extra's are available. Pour spouts and dust covers available. Rental is $60.00 ($50.00 with bounce house rental). Choices are:

Sno Kone MachineSno Kones

Ice Chest

Have no way to keep your drinks cold for your special function? This is the perfect solution. Rental is $45.00.

Ice Chest


Birthday Cake

What better way to decorate your party then with this birthday cake. Inside use only $35.00.

Birthday Cake

Easter Bunny

Looking for an Easter Bunny for your event? We have one available for rent. Please call for information.

Easter Bunny

Santa Rental

Bring cheers to all the children with this Santa Suite. Standard size fits men up to 48 in a jacket.

Includes: Jacket, pants, hat, boot tops, beard and wig.

Santa Suit

Also available: Santa Belly costume, gloves, Santa sack, Bell, glasses and eyebrows.